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Natural soap vs. industrial soap

At first glance, a handmade soap, homemade, compared to an industrial one, should not necessarily have differences, but they do exist and are very noticeable. Soaps purchased ready-made contain a large amount of skin-aggressive detergents, synthetic ingredients and allergenic substances that can cause irritation or rashes.

Here you will find the main advantages of natural soap over artificial soap and how to make soap with all-natural ingredients.


The appearance

When buying a product, it is interesting that it is unique, that it gives you that feeling of exclusivity that only you possess. This is completely lost with industrial soaps. In the end everyone has the same products in their homes and they are not of the best possible quality.

If you make the soap yourself, each piece will be completely different, there will be no one who has exactly the same soap as you. In addition, since you can modify it each time you make it, you can add different scents, colors and textures to try and find the soap that best suits you.


Recipe for avocado soap

You may think that making your own soap at home is a tedious process and not worth it, but, if you follow this simple recipe and see the results for yourself, you’ll never want to buy soap again.


Take note!


Ingredients to make avocado soap:

  • Olive oil 279g
  • Avocado oil 51g
  • Coconut oil 129g
  • Cocoa butter 81g
  • Soda (sodium hydroxide) 96’5g
  • Water 170g


In a pitcher, mix the olive oil with the avocado oil while, in a separate jar, we mix the coconut oil with the avocado oil. coconut oil together with the cocoa butter.

We dissolve the soda in water until it is diluted and let it cool.

We leave in a bain-marie or in the microwave the mixture of coconut oil y cocoa butter until it dissolves and we mix them in the jar where the olive oil and the olive oil and the avocado oil.

Once everything is at room temperature, pour the mixture of soda and soda y water together with all the oils and stir until you have a uniform and somewhat viscous mass.

Add the coloring We stir, pour it all over a mold and cover it with cling film. We leave it like this between 24 y 48 hours.

We cut the soap and that’s it! Now you can enjoy your own handmade avocado soap.

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Problems of industrial soap

Using handmade soaps is, after all, the best option if we want the product to be 100% organic. 100% ecological and does not harm our skin.


But what about now?


Industrial soaps pollute much more than we think, their plastic bottles are not well recycled and end up in rivers and seas, seriously contaminating the water and threatening the life of many species.

of these products serves to give them a new life and also to save on the purchase of new packaging – for our handmade soap, for example.

You are now ready to unleash your creativity and create the soaps that best suit you.


Let’s go for it!


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