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On the positive side, Covid-19: CO2 emissions have been reduced.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (


) to our country, our government took drastic measures to prevent further spread of the pandemic that stalks us all. ALL as humanity. This is the first time that this generation has experienced an inhospitable situation that attacks not just one region, but our entire planet. This is historic. We are sure that when this crisis is over, many changes will take place and the way we see our world will be different, but for the better.

The planet asked us for a breather. A respite from so much unconsciousness and individualismwhere every human being thinks selfishly of one. To begin to to generate community of conscience.



we have always sought to generate that communitythat feeling of family, because we are all one. It is learning to be grateful and to take care of our environment and ourselves.
On March 14, we were told to quarantine our homes to decrease the spread of this virus. virus. This caused a very strong social impact on our community, but also on our nature. It has forced us to stop the routine and give ourselves and the planet a break.
Last week,

Greenpeace Spain

made a report. We quote:
“… average nitrogen dioxide values have barely reached 40% of the limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU). At MadridSince the first containment measures began on Tuesday, March 10, such as teleworking and the suspension of classes, NO2 levels have fallen day after day. A reduction that became evident from the application of the state of alarm on Saturday 14, a measure that drastically limited the use of private vehicles.”

Source Greenpeace Spain
Source: Greenpeace Spain

And, in general, across the country, we are seeing favorable results in terms of cleaning our air. In the graph below, green flags mark a “good” air quality status, below 50 ug/m3. Below, we see the map of Iberian Spain, which demonstrates these great results:

Source: European Environment Agency & Air Quality

Improving air quality worldwide

While this global crisis is hitting us in different ways, let’s look at the other side of the coin. The inactivity in vehicular transportation, the cessation of many industries or the reduction in their production has resulted in the improvement of the environment, therefore, our planet is taking a rest from the emissions worldwide, as indicated on the map:

Several weeks ago, studies and images captured by satellites show a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions. In particular, the drop in the concentration level of nitrogen dioxide
nitrogen dioxide
in Italy and China has been evident. Several factories were closed and the streets were empty due to the containment measures adopted in each country. This effect was effective as the quarantine at home and the fall in production or closure of industries became effective. Motor vehicles and the carbon emissions that factories release in large quantities have virtually disappeared.

This means that our planet is “breathing” again and will help to reduce the pollution load that is affecting the climate change we have been experiencing in recent years.

It is a path of light that is opening and is hopeful for globalawareness and, consequently, it teaches us to value our environment and our health. Without it we will only have discomfort, it takes us away from those we love the most, we cannot work, nor can we enjoy our nature.

We had so many privileges… our freedom, enjoying nature…. However, we cannot do such banal or simple activities and it hurts, but we must row forward and not let ourselves be defeated. We are doing good to our planet. Look out the nearest window you have… do you hear the sound of tranquility? Nature is breathing clean air again in many years.

How many of you would like to be out of the house and breathe the fresh air that we are giving ourselves?


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."