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Recycling: Giving a second life to household items

On this planet there are two types of people: Those who accumulate things in their homes and do not know what to do with them (the first T-shirt you bought your child when he was born or if you still keep the concert ticket of your favorite band and it’s been more than 6 months, you are one of them); and those who immediately throw the “useless” in the trash (here you generate more waste than can be recycled) then this article is for you.

We will give you some very practical tips that will help you to be more selective in terms of waste and transform “garbage” into something more useful.
Here is our guide to recycling and reuse of “unusable” objects.

Old jeans

You want to throw them away because, let’s face it, you’ve moved up to a larger or smaller size or simply because they’re faded or out of style. The first thing we recommend is that you donate them to charity, there are always people in need who will be very grateful for the opportunity. If they are badly damaged, you can turn them into wonders for home or personal use:

Hanging hangers:
you can place your desk supplies or DIY tools.

Decorative cushions: if interior decoration is your thing, you’ll love this.

Table mats: Ideal and resistant to any stain. If you have a wooden table, it combines perfectly.

Cell phone holder: Isn’t it annoying to have to leave your cell phone on the floor while we charge it on the other side of the room? Here is a solution.

Here is a video


with more ideas to give a second life to your jeans.

Glass bottles and jars

They usually accumulate in the kitchen and are the containers left over from sauces, vegetables, fried tomato, among others. You will see that after washing them, you will be able to set aside a good amount to give them a second life. Here are some ideas:
Ideal for making candles: if you are a handmade candle maker, then put them inside recycled glass containers, you’ll love them!
Source: Happy Mothering

Packing homemade toothpaste: In a good container for preservation. Here is a recipe


to make your own eco pasta.

Source: Minimal Domesticy

Rice grains, seeds or beans: Basically, any kind of cereal grains you can think of.

Perfect for jams or jellies

Reusable water bottles: Better than plastic! Glass retains hot or cold water very well and tastes better.


Paper in general

If you keep old sheets of paper with outdated information, you can use the back side to write down ideas, messages and notes. You can also recycle it in four easy steps:

  1. Cut into pieces the newspaper you have at home and soak it in a bowl of water.
  2. In a blender put the mixture and start grinding until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
  3. In a tray, place a wooden frame in the shape of an A4 rectangle and pour a thin layer of the mixture. Cover with a cloth and press with a sponge evenly.
  4. Let the new foil dry on another piece of cloth. Wait a few hours for it to dry and that’s it! You can write about it now.

If you don’t find it easy, click


to watch a video.



Old shoes


If they are shoes (booties, sneakers) that you can still salvage, you can use them as flower pots or pencil holders, in addition to donating them. Of course, they must first be washed and then they are ready.


Plastic brushes, bottles, bags and other plastic objects


It is best to avoid them and look for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as
bamboo brushes
bamboo bottles
or glass or cloth bags. But we know that it is almost impossible since its boom in the 60’s. It is best to dispose of plastic waste in the yellow garbage can when there is no further use for it. But if not, we bring you some ideas:


Toothbrush: How the

previous article

that we have recommended in our blog. When you no longer use them to

brushing your teeth

Beforehand, you can disinfect them with water and bleach and then use them to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces in the bathrooms.

Bottles: You can rinse them after their original use and use them to fill with other household substances, such as cleaning products.
Bags: If you got new plastic bags at the supermarket, reuse them in your next purchase. Also, you can cut them and put the pieces in plastic bottles which are then used as plastic bricks.


As you will see there are many ways to recycle or reuse many old materials or objects that we no longer use at home. All we have to do is let our imaginations run wild and change our throwaway culture to the three R’s:
Reduce, reuse, and repurpose.


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