Switch to solid cosmetics and start taking care of nature

Did you know that solid cosmetics are an ecological, economical and effective alternative to conventional beauty products? When we talk about
solid cosmetics
we refer to those hygiene and personal care products that come in the form of a bar, tablet or powder. They do not come in plastic containers nor do they contain water (or if they do, the percentage is minimal) in their composition.

If you want to change your habits for others that are more respectful of nature, from
we recommend you to switch to solid cosmetics. Enter our online store and find solid soaps and shampoos perfect to include in your personal hygiene routine. All of them are made in Spain with natural ingredients. They are 100% organic!

Reasons to start using solid cosmetics

One of the main reasons to replace your conventional beauty products with solid cosmetics is because they take care of the environment. This is a more environmentally friendly alternative as they do not contain water or plastic containers. This reduces the environmental impact of their production and transportation, as well as the generation of waste. In addition, it is made with natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients that respect your skin and the planet.

Another reason to switch to solid cosmetics is that it is a more economical option, which means you will save money on your beauty and personal care products. As they have a higher concentration of active ingredients, solid products last longer than liquid products. A small amount is sufficient to obtain the same results.

As it is made with natural ingredients, it will keep intact its properties and benefits for both skin and hair. Allergic reactions, irritations and sensitivity caused by some synthetic ingredients present in conventional products will also be avoided.

Finally, note that solid cosmetics are more compact and lighter, which means they are perfect for use at home (you will save space in the bathroom), but also for carrying in your travel toiletry bag or even in your handbag. It neither weighs nor takes up space. You won’t have to worry about liquid restrictions on the plane either.

Need more reasons to switch to solid cosmetics? Get the best solid soaps and shampoos to take care of your skin and hair. You will love it!

The best solid cosmetics at Brushboo

Do you want to try solid cosmetics? Then we recommend our
3-pack of solid soaps
composed of hand soap, face soap and body scrub. The complete kit for glowing, impurity-free skin. All our soaps are made with natural ingredients. Even the packaging is 100% environmentally friendly.

What about hair? We have two options. On the one hand, the
solid shampoo for frequent use
made with argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. It is perfect if you wash your hair every day and if it is soft to the touch and detangles easily. On the other hand, the
solid shampoo for oily hair
made with menthol and white grapefruit essential oil. It is perfect if your hair produces a lot of sebum, you notice dirty hair very quickly after washing or you have dandruff.

If you want to take care of your beauty and health in a sustainable and responsible way, turn to Brushboo’s solid cosmetics. Dare to try it and start taking care of nature!