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The most sustainable gifts to surprise on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! One week left to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, and from
we want to help you find the perfect gift for your special someone. One of the best details to surprise next February 14 are our Eco Packs, a section where you will find fantastic kits with totally sustainable products to enjoy a more ecological and sustainable life with your partner.

Eco Packs
there is a set of products perfect for every situation, environment and experience. Thanks to this wide variety of options, we are 100% sure that you will find the most beautiful, functional and ecological sustainable gift to surprise your better half on Valentine’s Day. Hurry up! Don’t miss your Eco Pack for Valentine’s Day.

Without a partner? Absolutely nothing happens. Enjoy a Valentine’s Day by giving yourself a gift. In Eco Packs you will find the perfect ecological pack for you, for your daily care, to pamper yourself, to lead a more sustainable life, to take care of the environment… Take a look and select the kit you like the most: Pamper your skin, I’m ecological…

The best sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts for couples

Which Eco Packs are perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple? One of the first options we recommend you for Valentine’s Day is the
Eco Pack Duo eco
perfect to share with that special person. This kit includes two adult bamboo toothbrushes, two bags of organic cotton, 2 packs of 100 biodegradable swabs, 1 pack of bamboo straws and two dental floss. A very complete pack that includes two basics to show off a beautiful and healthy smile.

Eco pack duo

The second option to surprise next February 14 is the Eco Adventure Pack.
Eco Adventure Pack
. This time, it includes two bamboo adult toothbrushes, two sachets of organic cotton, two dental floss, two packs of 100 biodegradable swabs and two bamboo thermo-bottles. A 100% ecological pack, including the packaging, so as not to damage our ecosystem. Share this gift with your partner to enjoy a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life.

Eco adventure pack

Valentine’s Day self gifts for singles

And for the bachelors or bachelorettes who want to treat themselves to a Brushboo Eco Pack for Valentine’s Day, we have two proposals. First of all, our
pamper your skin
. Enjoy an unparalleled skin care experience! This kit is composed of a pack of bamboo box makeup remover discs, a pack of 100 biodegradable swabs, a bamboo wood soap dish and a pack of three solid handmade soaps (face, hands and scrub).

eco pack pamper your skin

And secondly, our
I am eco pack
. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start a more eco-friendly and planet-friendly life. Get your hands on this kit that includes an adult bamboo toothbrush, an organic cotton sachet, a pack of four organic bamboo straws plus a cleaner, a pack of 100 biodegradable cotton swabs, a dental floss and a bamboo thermos bottle.

eco pack soy eco

Find the best eco-friendly gifts for Valentine’s Day on Brushboo! Enter our online store and discover a more sustainable life. We are waiting for you!


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