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Tips to have a more environmentally friendly kitchen

Do you want to enjoy a more environmentally friendly kitchen? Would you like to reduce plastic in this room?

A few weeks ago, in our article Goodbye to plastic in the bathroom! ECO personal care productsWe explained that many of the items we use every day in our hygiene come packaged in plastic and are formulated with petroleum-based ingredients.

Therefore, they are products that pollute and damage the environment, but also our health. The solution we propose to put an end to plastic in this area of the house (or at least reduce its use) is to use eco-friendly personal care products.
personal care products

Today on
we want to help you reduce the use of plastic in another room of the home: the kitchen. How? Using accessories made from sustainable and reusable materials such as bamboo or glass. Take note of the tips we give you to enjoy a more sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

Tips for a more planet-friendly kitchen

Let’s start with kitchen accessories. Some of them contain plastic, metal or other non-biodegradable material that pollute the planet, but are also harmful to our health. We are talking about the synthetic sponges or scouring pads we use to wash dishes or plastic straws, among others.

Our ECO alternatives that you should include in your kitchen to make it more sustainable are:

  • Eco kitchen cleaning set
    . Avoid ingesting the microplastics released by traditional cleaning sets with our biodegradable cleaning utensils. This set contains six brushes made of sisal and bamboo (except the bottle brush which is made of coconut fiber and bamboo). You will have everything you need to wash your cups, bowls, fruits and vegetables, plates, pans and baking trays in a way that is totally respectful of flora and fauna.
  • Bamboo lunch box. Replace plastic tupperware with glass lunchboxes or our bamboo lunchbox, perfect for storing leftovers or for taking food to the office. FOOD GRADE certification guarantees food safety.

  • Brushboo thermos-bottle
    . Don’t forget to replace plastic bottles. A great ECO alternative is our thermos-bottle, which maintains the temperature of cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. Its double wall makes it resistant to shocks and falls. 100% organic bamboo and stainless steel. BPA free.

  • Bamboo cutlery set Brushboo
    . More sustainable meals with our moso bamboo cutlery. Ideal for picnics. They come in their own cotton case for convenient carrying. Contains a fork, a knife, a spoon, a bamboo straw with its stainless steel cleaning brush and two Japanese chopsticks.

Enjoy your own urban garden

In addition to these sustainable kitchen accessories, from Brushboo we encourage you to plant your own urban vegetable garden in the kitchen. Buy our
garden kit
containing 4 seed bombs of tomato, basil, arugula and chamomile. Each pump includes between 10-20 seeds that will produce a clump of plants.

Find more in our section
and enjoy a more environmentally friendly kitchen. We are waiting for you!


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