Two trends you should NOT follow if you want to take care of your hair

Just as we talked in the previous post about how to take care of your skin when summer arrives, this time we will tell you what things you should not do with your hair if you want to keep it healthy.

Many studies have been done on hair care and even today it is still difficult to find a method that is 100% approved by all experts and dermatologists.

Let’s start with some trends that have emerged over time that, although famous at the time, have detrimental side effects on the health of your scalp.


The first trend we want to talk about is the NO-POO trend, which emerged several years ago. The followers of this trend advocated to stop using shampoos and replace them with other ingredients. Among all the proposals, baking soda and apple cider vinegar were the chosen ones, since, by combining these ingredients with water, a kind of shampoo and conditioner was produced.

Although it is true that you should look for chemical-free cosmetic products -click here to get to know our range of solid cosmetics, you have to pay attention to their ingredients, as some of them can increase the risk of scalp infections. The shampoo made with natural ingredients eliminates oil produced by the sebaceous glandswhere the dead cells of the scalp, dirt, or substances that we apply to the scalp are trapped. This grease or sebum must be eliminated periodically for reasons that go beyond the merely aesthetic, since it is an important source of microorganisms that can favor infections.

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Continuing with trends about not washing your hair and moving a little closer in time, during the quarantine for the COVID 19 pandemic, the so-called “sebum cure” emerged. “tallow cure” emerged. . This was one of the most searched terms in France during the quarantine in 2020.


What does it consist of? Basically what this trend means is that you should stop washing your hair for 30 days . The only thing you should do during that period is to brush your hair to distribute the oil that accumulates so that it does not do it only on the roots. As in the previous trend, experts warn that using a natural, chemical-free shampoo is a
chemical-free natural shampoo
is necessary, as this type of product removes grease so that it does not accumulate at the root, avoiding future problems.

At this point, we ask ourselves the million-dollar question that everyone has asked themselves at some point in their lives…. How often should I wash my hair? Can I do it daily?

As always, it depends on the needs of your hair. And so we take this opportunity to debunk yet another hair care myth:your hair does NOT get used to the products . So it’s not true that you have to change them every so often. What happens is that you have different needs depending on the period in which you are and therefore, products that have always worked for you stop working.

It should be clear that the amount of oil generated in the scalp has to do with the hormones of each person in each cycle of his or her life.

The reality on this subject is that there is no 100% written or real rule, you simply have to wash your hair when you feel it is dirty. And if there is one thing that all experts agree on, it is that you should use products that suit your needs. When your hair feels greasier than usual, we recommend BRUSHBOO shampoo for greasy hair .

But because it’s not all bad news, here are two tips on how you should wash your hair

Hot or cold water? Both of them! Now that summer is approaching, it is easier for us to wash our hair with cold water, but… What about in winter? The answer is simple: warm water. Hot water can dehydrate the scalp and remove beneficial natural oils that help prevent hair loss. Also, if you have color-treated hair, it’s probably best to keep your hair away from hot water to keep the color intact.

Final solution: If you are one of those people who cannot shower with cold water, we recommend that you start with water that is not too hot and switch to cold water when you finish. This will make it easy to remove dirt with warm water and by using cold water, you will close your cuticles and pores while sealing in moisture that will keep your hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free.

Say goodbye to the towel after the shower, yes, yes, as you read! I’m sure you also have the habit of wrapping your hair in a towel when it’s wet. Why shouldn’t you? One of the disadvantages of this method is that the roots become tight and the cuticles open and the hair tends to break down.

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When you do not know if a trend is safe or not for your hair, we recommend that you always consult and listen to the opinion of a specialist.