We teach you how to do sports in a sustainable way

Yes, believe it or not, something as personal and simple as exercising can have a big impact on the environment. It is because, although we do not do anything to harm the planet nor are we direct emitters of CO₂, many athletes often fall into consumerism when it comes to training. When you add all these actions togetherWhen you add all these actions together, it is possible to generate a large negative impact, so learning to do sport in a sustainable way is important.

On the other hand, we understand that doing sport in a sustainable way can be complicated when you can’t really recognize the root of the problem that causes pollution when you train. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and you are not to blame for it. To help you become more conscious and start helping the planet in your day-to-day activitieswe show you how to do sport in a sustainable
in a sustainable way
through these tips.

The main thing when doing sport in a sustainable way: reduce plastic consumption

When we are training, drinking water consistently is of utmost importance to complete a routine in a healthy way. However, many people tend to have consumerist habits when it comes to this, many people tend to have consumerist habits when it comes to this: buying a few bottles of water daily or energy drinks with plastic containers.

The best way to counteract this and start doing sports in a sustainable way is to use bottles or containers made of environmentally friendly materials. Some of the material options are glass or aluminum. In addition, you can also opt for bottles or thermoses made of bamboo, an ecological, resistant and high quality material.

Wear environmentally friendly sportswear

Yes, even the way we dress for training is influenced by the consumerism in our lives. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies and production methodsIn addition, it is also possible to purchase clothing made from environmentally friendly materials and produced without generating waste or harming the environment. This is a very effective way to do sport in a sustainable way and, in addition, it allows you to save money and feel more comfortable.

Planning the use of water and food

One of the elements of the planet that we use the most when exercising is water. Mainly when bathing and when consumed after an intense session. That is why another way in which you can do sport in a sustainable way is by consuming this element in a conscious manner. Some alternatives are to do sport at a time close to when you take your daily shower.or establish an optimal amount of water to be consumed during the session.

Also, if you plan to exercise outdoors, be sure to keep the environment clean and free of debris. This is in case the food you consume is packaged. And there is also the possibility that you may leave papers and garbage in your path. This is also closely linked to the use of plastic water bottles: you should not throw them on the street for any reason.

Avoid disturbing the environment to do sport in a sustainable way

Continuing the thread of those who train outdoors, there are many habits that we did not know could harm the stability of the local environment. This occurs mainly during cycling training or jogging; such as when we decide to go through unusual routes where nature is very present; damage the environment or plants or even change the landscape by taking home objects such as stones.We can also use them to damage the environment or plants, or even change the landscape by taking home objects such as stones.

Doing sports in a sustainable way: avoiding noise and light pollution

Many people are in the habit of exercising outdoors and in the evening hours. To convert this practice into a sustainable sport; you must ensure that any type of flashlight or light you use does not disturb wildlife.
wildlife in your region. In addition, loud music and any other type of object that can make a lot of noise is also not acceptable if you want your practice to be environmentally friendly.