What are the benefits of using vegan personal care and hygiene products?



Sustainable personal care and hygiene

After several weeks at home, we have dared to change some of our daily routines that we knew were healthier for us but that we did not do because of laziness.


We have dared to consume more natural products that we have on hand to create masks, scrubs and even toothpaste. The result, in many cases, is overall wellness.

We have found it easy to familiarize ourselves with natural products. Creams, tonics, serums or masks that will take care of our skin with more care than any other product that includes chemical additives. One of the brands that has caught our attention and that shares our philosophy of the 3 R’s (reduce, recycle and reuse) is Affya. Its products are completely organic, vegan and natural and, in fact, have the EcoCert Cosmos Organic certification. This ensures that in addition to achieving greater efficacy with these cosmetics, you can be sure that they have been produced with the proper sanitary measures.

We love that they use recyclable glass and bamboo packaging. This means that their products are ecofriendly, but in addition, they are containers that can be reused to place flowers or add small decorative details in the bathroom once the product runs out.

This proposal to reuse your containers is a great idea. For example, they offer us to give a second life to your container as a flower pot. With a little soil and some seeds, we can watch small plants grow in their pots of creams and masks. To reuse the elongated ones they give us another idea that we love: use them to put a bamboo or any flower that makes you feel special!

We also like that its organic and natural ingredients are all vegan. These include aloe vera, with its regenerative properties; chamomile, which soothes the skin; baobab oil, with soothing effects; and ylang-ylang flower, with anti-seborrheic properties. The absence of chemicals in its composition helps to recover the natural state of the skin.


These days we have also discovered a technique to better spread the cream in the eye contour area. With the help of our
bamboo sticks
we can better distribute the product while massaging the area. Applying the product in small circles will help to delay the appearance of wrinkles and the skin will remain smooth for a longer period of time. In addition, it leaves a very pleasant sensation on the skin, which remains relaxed after this small massage. We recommend you to try it!

Another essential element for our personal care that should never be missing in our bathroom are the

bamboo toothbrushes

toothbrushes, dental

dental floss

or organic cotton discs. The first will help us to maintain proper dental hygiene and to whiten our teeth naturally, and the cotton will help us to spread make-up remover products on our skin and eliminate impurities.

Small changes in your routines that will make up for your footprint!

Let’s be more


that we join these big changes, let’s start to believe that small details like replacing a bottle or a


plastic bottle for a thermos, or not having to use straws for


straws, but to always have our own bamboo straw, will benefit our planet the most.


Remember that it’s the little things that make a BIG difference.

Your 5-minute routine can go from ordinary to extraordinary.