Your garden kit with Brushboo this spring

Would you like to have a mini garden at home? Make your dream come true with
. We have for sale a fantastic vegetable garden kit consisting of four seed bombs: tomato, basil, arugula and chamomile. They are handmade with different natural substrates designed to enhance the conservation and germination of the seeds they contain. Each seed bomb includes 10 to 20 seeds that will produce a clump of plants.

Get your
Brushboo vegetable garden kit
and start planting your own seeds to grow in your garden, patio or deck. Enjoy a unique experience! And if you have young children, they will love this kit. In addition, it is a way to raise awareness and educate them in the care and protection of the environment.

Brushboo vegetable garden kit

Discovering the Nendo Dango technique

What is the seed bomb method? It is a germination technique inspired by the Nendo Dango (clay ball) method of the farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka. This technique consists of mixing seeds with clay and making balls of approximately 2 cm in diameter. To the mixture you can add some natural fertilizer or vegetable substrate and some substance that serves as a natural repellent to prevent animals from eating the seeds.

Once the balls are ready, they should be left to dry in an airy place. Once dried, just spread them in the area where you want to grow them. This means that it is not necessary to plant them. With rain or watering, the balls will fall apart and the seeds will begin to germinate. Undoubtedly, it is a simple and convenient cultivation method where success is guaranteed.

Reasons to have a mini garden at home

One of the main reasons to have a mini garden at home is to be able to directly enjoy the fruits, vegetables and greens planted. Can you imagine eating tomatoes fresh from the plant? Or prepare a delicious arugula salad? Now it is possible thanks to our Brushboo vegetable garden kit.

It is also a measure to raise awareness among children of the importance of respecting and caring for nature. With the seed pump system you will be contributing to natural cultivation without a great effort due to the simplicity and ease with which this technique is applied. In addition, children will love to get their hands dirty and see how the plant grows little by little until the fruits are harvested.

Another reason is to take care of the planet. Believe it or not, planting at home is an action with which you will contribute to the care of the environment. Not only will you be increasing the amount of green space in the world, but by planting, you’ll be adding a little oxygen to life. Do your bit!