Discover Brushboo products with the Eco adventure pack

Still not familiar with Brushboo Eco products? Would you like to start using eco-friendly cosmetics and products to take care of the planet?
we are your ecological alternative. In our online store you will find a wide range of environmentally friendly options such as bamboo toothbrushes, eco-friendly dental floss, solid cosmetics, bamboo cutlery, wheat straws and much more.

If you want to know our products or you would like to share them with a family member or friend, we recommend you our section of
. Here you will find a wide range of packs made with some of our best natural and organic products and cosmetics, don’t wait any longer! Discover our fantastic ECO world to take care of the planet while caring for your skin, hair and oral health.

In addition, we offer you fantastic options to make your home a more sustainable world. For example, with our
kitchen cleaning set
you will have everything you need to clean your cutlery, pans, bottles and even fruit with brushes made of sisal, bamboo and coconut fiber. This means saying goodbye to plastic and microplastics released by traditional cleaning sets.

Going back to our packs, one of the best options to get to know our products is the
Eco adventure pack
an ideal kit to take Brushboo products anywhere.

Eco adventure packs, an ecological world to discover

What does the adventure pack contain? This eco pack is composed of two adult bamboo toothbrushes, two organic cotton bags, two packs of 100 biodegradable swabs, two dental floss and two bamboo thermo-bottles. All these products are 100% organic, as is their packaging. Therefore, they do not harm our ecosystem.

As you can see, the eco adventure pack is perfect for sharing. For example, you can buy it together with your friend and discover our amazing products. Another option is to share it with your partner or if it is the birthday of a family member or friend, this pack is perfect to surprise them.

It contains essential products in our daily care, such as toothbrushes and dental floss. In the case of bamboo toothbrushes, it is important to highlight that it has an eco-friendly bamboo handle and that the bristles are BPA-free, made of Dupont Nylon 6 (the most biodegradable plastic used to make toothbrush bristles).

In addition, two bamboo thermo-bottles
two bamboo thermo-bottles
ideal for carrying our favorite drinks wherever we go (office, field, travel…). You’ll love it because it maintains the temperature of hot drinks for 12 hours and cold drinks for 24 hours, which means it’s ideal for both summer and winter.

Our eco adventure pack is perfect for getting to know Brushboo’s products. You can use them at home, on the road, at work or at the gym. For example, thanks to the organic cotton pouches, you can carry your toothbrush with you.
bamboo toothbrush with you
your bamboo toothbrush anywhere.