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Discover the Lemon Essence Brushboo Organic Facial Routine

Looking for a sustainable facial routine? Tired of using cosmetics with thousands of chemical components? At
we have for you the Lemon Essence range elaborated with natural, ecological and organic components. Take care of your skin while taking care of the planet. Discover these organic cosmetics with which you will achieve an enviable skin in a few days.

Lemon Essence cosmetic routine
is made in Spain. It is a 100% organic range whose main ingredient is lemon. This product has been linked to the Mediterranean account for hundreds of years. And now it is coming to facial care for its rejuvenating properties. Lemon has enormous benefits for the skin. Not only does it offer an ecological and natural beauty to the skin, but also, with the use of these cosmetics we contribute to the care of the planet.

Discover the amazing Lemon Essence organic cosmetics!

Lemon Essence facial line

Still not familiar with our Lemon Essence routine? Look radiant and healthy skin by including in your facial care:

Lemon Essence Repair Serum

Shine wherever you go with our Brushboo repair serum. Your skin will be hydrated, firm and revitalized. Its organic ingredients promote skin regeneration for a brighter and healthier complexion. The skin will recover what it loses over time.

Once applied, leave it on for five minutes to take effect.

Lemon Essence Repair Serum

Lemon Essence Eye Contour

Get an awakened, rested and rejuvenated look. Combats the first signs of aging thanks to the plant-based hyaluronic acid contained in this product, which deeply moisturizes and revitalizes this delicate area.

You will love this eye contour because it will not only prevent the signs of aging, but also of fatigue. The under-eye area will look brighter and more hydrated.

Lemon Essence Eye Contour

Lemon Essence Day Cream

Keep your skin hydrated for longer with our amazing organic day cream. This organic cream contains carefully selected ingredients to help the complexion fight the consequences of the sun while providing sustainable hydration as well as vital nutrients for the skin.

If you have oily skin, this moisturizer is for you because the citric acid in lemon works as a natural astringent to treat oily skin. It is also indicated for those who are looking for a cream that keeps the skin hydrated or for those who feel that their skin is weakened by the effects of the sun and the passage of time.

Lemon Essence Day Cream

Lemon Essence Night Cream

Complete your facial routine with our Lemon Essence night cream, a moisturizer that works while you rest and will make you wake up at your best. Its natural ingredients work while you sleep to help heal the skin. The next morning, you will enjoy a complexion that feels incredibly soft and supple.

Lemon Essence night cream contains a cocktail of organic ingredients that help the skin to prevent the formation of fine lines, thus enhancing the skin’s innate ability to prevent skin aging.

If you are looking for an all-terrain night moisturizer that helps your skin rest while you sleep, this is the cosmetic for you. We also recommend it to those who are concerned about the first signs of aging on the skin. Indicated for the care of sensitive skin (thanks to chamomile) and for oily skin (thanks to lemon acid).

Lemon Essence Night Cream

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