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Eco gifts for your wedding day guests

Weddings are wonderful events that we attend to accompany our loved ones and celebrate with them in many ways. But it also entails a lot of expense and waste in quantity.

For those pledged to be environmentally conscious, they have already made a reality of the action of reduce the use of plastic materials, excessive carbon dioxide emissions, the use of consumption irresponsible use of products and are looking for greener alternatives to offer their guests without taking the fun out of the celebration, thus designing their dream wedding.

Some green ideas for your eco wedding

ReuseInstead of disposable plates, dishes or glasses, use stainless steel, bamboo, glass or earthenware.

Sustainable menu: At dinner time you can offer your guests a vegan menu, avoiding meat, dairy products, among others.

Zero wastezero waste in Spanish. Create a logistics plan in which contracted services and purchased products are compostable or recyclable.

Green fashion: The bride and groom can use rented suits or they can get a designer to make custom suits made from recycled plastic materials such as bottles, cups and even crochet, as in the case of one bride who knitted her own dress in 5 months.

Gifts for guests

Let your imagination fly. Today, there are many ways to share details and offer gifts that do not lead to more waste or pollution. Here are a few hints. If you’re thinking of getting married soon, you’d better take note of this list:

Details with ecolove

You can be very original and offer a detail that no one else has thought of: You can give a bamboo toothbrush as a gift.

bamboo toothbrush

engraved with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Accompany it with a handwritten message on recycled paper: “Start your day taking care of yourself and the planet with this ecofriendly bamboo brush.” It is a detail that your guests will never forget because they have a double message: to promote the care of their health and to conserve the planet.

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Let’s save the planet together!

Exchange a gift for a little card that tells guests that the gift they are about to receive will be a hope for their planet. Let us share awareness in a very special way.

On a small piece of paper of recycled origin, you can communicate that what you were thinking of giving as a thank you for attending the wedding, you have donated to an NGO or group that is dedicated to caring for the planet. You can choose. There are many options to do your bit. There are groups dedicated to
reforest arid areas
support vigilance groups to prevent deforestation in the
deforestation in the Amazon
to help organizations that work for the cleanup of
ocean cleanup
among others.

It’s a new way to

offset your carbon footprint.

It is a beautiful message of awareness and love for others. What a cool gift!

Sowing life

Another wonderful idea that works very well is to give a recycled paper bag with bamboo, sunflower, viola or other plant seeds that are easy to sow and grow at home. The bag can be accompanied by a handwritten message with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Reusable decoration

wedding planners
with services that are more environmentally friendly. You can offer glass jars with confetti inside as a gift for guests. The chosen confetti comes from the petals and plants used in previous weddings, which undergo a drying and conservation process. With a vegan label on the mouth of the jar, you can write a thank you message, the name of the bride and groom and the date of the ceremony.


Ideas are not lacking. There are many ways to celebrate a very special and happy moment, but without producing excess waste.


The eco wedding of your dreams is in your hands. Help us to raise awareness and to think more and more about how we affect our planet. Together we can!


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."