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Solid cosmetics, a sustainable beauty alternative

Still not using solid cosmetics? Do you want to change your beauty products for more sustainable alternatives? At
we would like to introduce you to solid cosmetics, a more environmentally friendly alternative that generates less waste. Not only is the use of plastic packaging eliminated, but the solid cosmetics are also made from natural ingredients. Therefore, if you are changing your habits to bet on a more sustainable consumption, these beauty products cannot be missing in your daily life.

When we talk about
solid cosmetics
we are talking about personal care products that are made with formulas whose end result is a solid product, with no or very little water base. On contact with water, it generates foam providing proper hygiene and cleansing, as well as good hydration. For example, solid shampoos or gels can be applied either by first rubbing it in the hands and then applying it to the body and hair or by directly rubbing the product on the body and hair.

Environmentally friendly packaging and higher concentration of ingredients

As for the packaging, it follows sustainable beauty guidelines. The use of plastics is avoided as much as possible, thus avoiding the generation of waste that damages and pollutes the environment. Therefore, biodegradable materials are used, mainly paper.

In addition, they take up less space. These beauty products are smaller in size, but more durable because the ingredients are more concentrated in the dry format. The major concentration of the solid cosmetic formulation is based on oils and butters. For example, one bar of soap is equivalent to two liters of liquid soap. Therefore, they are smaller in size and, in addition, have a greater number of uses.

In our online store specializing in the sale of cosmetics and organic products you will find the best solid cosmetics to include in your beauty routine. You will find soaps for hand, facial and body hygiene. Discover Brushboo’s solid cosmetics!

Solid cosmetics at Brushboo

One of the options available in our online store is our
pack 3 solid soaps
ideal to include in our daily routine. Includes hand soap, face soap and body scrub. The ideal kit to achieve a bright and impurity-free skin. This pack of solid soaps is also sold separately.

The solid face soap is made with orange blossom, shea butter and jojoba oil. Solid hand soap contains menthol, aloe powder, rosehip oil, green tea and bamboo scrub. Finally, the solid exfoliating soap is made with lime, calendula oil, volcanic stone and charcoal.

If you’re looking for solid shampoo, we have two great options. On the one hand,
solid shampoo for frequent use
which is made with argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. This product is recommended for those who wash their hair every day or for those whose hair is soft to the touch and detangles easily. On the other hand, the
solid shampoo for oily hair
. It is composed of menthol and white grapefruit essential oil. Helps eliminate excess oil for a radiant mane.

Our solid soaps and their packaging are 100% ecological, so they do not harm our ecosystem. For more information, please contact us.


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