Tips for a move Ecofriendly

The day of the move can become stressful but exciting. The idea of moving to a new place is wonderful. It is to turn the page to a new chapter of your life. The days leading up to the move are usually chaos because there is much to organize, but something we have never thought of is the amount of waste we would be generating.



That is why we have some recommendations that we have to take into account to make the crossing less heavy and unnecessarily full of waste. Let's make the moving day more green and respectful of our planet.


Packaging and sustainable packaging


To load with multiple objects: do not buy new cardboard boxes. If you do a deep inspection in your own home you can find old boxes that have come to package other products such as a TV or microwave. If you don't find enough, have you thought about asking your parents or friends? Sure they can lend you a hand. Another very good option is to use suitcases as a packaging. They are very spacious and comfortable to move what you need.



To wrap dishware and brittle objects, you can reuse paper that has overdone old editions. Reuses!


Only if it is very necessary and you need packing tape to seal the boxes you can get them to close them with some soguilla or to acquire strips of biodegradable packaging or kraft paper. Let's avoid plastic!


If you don't want it anymore, don't throw it away. Donate it!


Moving not only means to mobilize your things from one place to another, but also to realize that you have many objects that you no longer used for a good time, mainly clothes in quantity, among other objects. Sure, the most comfortable thing is to throw it into the trash can. The problem is that this one does not go through a proper recycling process and ends up polluting the environment and the landfills continue to fill. The best way out is to donate it to an NGO or church that will be responsible for giving your donations to people who are in a state of need.



Avoid unnecessary carbon emissions

Unless you touch a distant move from your current floor and don't have a lot of heavy furniture to load, we don't recommend renting a van to mobilize your items. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint. It hosts a fun moving event along with some friends and family one day of the finde. As a thank you, you can invite them to a dinner in your new hogar.



Eco-interior decoration


It makes us illusion to decorate our new floor according to our personality. Instead of buying new furniture or decorative objects, you can buy them in second-hand shops. Easier, there are many applications where thousands of users are selling or exchanging products that they no longer need. Like we said before .... Let's reuse! Also, remember not to acquire plastic materials that can be replaced by others, such as a basket to cast dirty straw clothes or bamboo or coconut wood bowls for decoration in common areas.



For the kitchen, you can purchase Bamboo cutlery and complement the ceramic or loza ware. Don't forget to add some vegetation to your space by sowing Bamboo seeds in an open space. If you have a new terracing it's a good option.


Upcycling: transform your objects into something better


Following the decorative line, we give you another #brushbootip. You can transform many things you thought to throw away or the ibas to give away. For example, from Brushboo, we encourage you to reuse everything that comes next to our products. For example, the packaging of our eco bottle is perfect for storing kitchen utensils or desk tools. It is perfect in the new decoration of the house and is very resistant.


You can also apply it to the antique furniture, which you no longer like very much, and convert them into wonderful pieces and improve them by some kind of repair. A clue: If you're tired of the typical old dark wood night table, bring it to life with an old paint style. Or if you're one of the people who keeps the glass canisters empty and you have many, you can have it cut and adapted so you have a nice set of glasses left.



It is important to note that every act we do in our daily lives leaves a carbon footprint that pollutes our environment. And in this case specifically, removals usually generate a lot of waste, but we can turn the matter around in many ways like the ones above.

Living consciously with the care of our environment is the best way to keep a planet clean and healthy for our good and that of our future generations.

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Happy move!

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