Whale Day Why is it important to celebrate it?

Whales and dolphins are the best known cetaceans to everyone, either because some hold the first position as the largest animal on the planet or because others are majestic and friendly, but are they so important that they have a world day of their own?



The International Whaling Commission (IWC) decreed on July 23, 1986 as the World Day Against Whaling, today, is recognized as World Whale and Dolphin Day.

This initiative was carried out so that countries such as Norway or Japan did not continue hunting these mammals with the excuse of investigating them and then selling their meat in supermarkets, since they are species that have limited reproductive capacity and their breeding in captivity does not give good results. results.

Climate change and its consequences


Marine temperatures increase more and more because of greenhouse gases, increased carbon dioxide emissions and large amount of plastic that is accumulating in the oceans.


All this causes dolphins and whales to be seriously affected, decreasing survival rate to 12% since 2011. This means that some of these species are in danger of extinction.



The global average temperature rises every decade since 1850 - the year in which it began to be measured. The great scholars dedicated to measuring and learning how the climate behaves consider that humans and their activities are the main cause of the increase in the Earth's temperature.

The point in favor is that we are also the solution to this problem. With the necessary awareness, dedication and effort we can contribute to improve the conditions of our environment.



How can we help?

Mainly, reducing the amount of plastics for daily use. Opting for an alternative products More ecological - like bamboo - will be able to reverse this great mass of non-biodegradable objects and counteract this increase in temperatures globally.



Not consuming any product -either cosmetic or not- that can carry additives of animal origin, more specifically from whales, which are hunted with the aim of using parts of their bodies such as oils, cosmetics or perfumery.



The best news that can be received is that, as of 2018, the population of whales and dolphins has increased despite being on the verge of extinction.

With everyone's help we will be able to enjoy these marine mammals for many more years. Together we can do wonders!

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