The positive side of the Covid-19: The emission of CO2 has diminished

From the irruption of coronavirus (Covid-19) to our country, our government took drastic measures to avoid a major expansion of the pandemic that watches us to ALL as humanity. It is the first time that this generation experiences an inhospitable situation that does not attack only one region, but to all our planet. It is something historical. We are sure that, when this crisis finishes, they go to generate many changes and that the way of seeing our world will be different, but for good.



The planet asked us for a breather. A breather of so much unconscience and individualism, where every human being thinks egoístamente about one. That begins to to generate community to conscience. 


From Brushboo, we have always thought about how to generate that one community, this family feeling, because we all are one. It is to learn to be been grateful and to take care of our environment and of ourselves.
On March 14, one said to us that we should keep quarantine in our hearths and this way to diminish the spread of this one virus. This caused a very strong social impact in our community, but also in our nature. It has forced us to to stop of the routine and to give a breather to ourselves and to the planet.
Last week, Greenpeace Spain it did a report. We quote:
“... the average values of dioxide of nitrogen scarcely have reached 40 % of the limit fixed by the World Organization of the Health (WHO) and the European Union (EU). In Madrid, since there began Tuesday, the 10th of March the first measurements of containment, like the telework or the suspension of classes, the levels of NO2 have gone down day by day. A reduction that became clear from the application of the state of alert on Saturday, the 14th, measurement that was limiting drastically the use of the particular vehicle.”
- Source Greenpeace Spain



Source: Greenpeace Spain


And the fact is that, in general, in the whole country, we see favorable results as for the cleanliness of our air. In the following graph, the green flags mark the "good" air quality state, below 50 ug/m3. Next, we see the map of Iberian Spain, where it demonstrates these grand results to us:

Source: Europaean Environment Agency & air Quality


Progress of the air in the world

Although this world crisis is striking us of different ways, let's see another side of the currency. The stagnation in the transport transport, the cessation of many industries or the reduction in the production of the same ones has resulted in the progress of the environmental environment, hence, our planet, he is resting of big emission of CO2 in the whole world, as it is indicated in the map:

Several weeks behind, studies and images captured by satellites, reflect one reduction of 25 % as for the emission of CO2. Especially, the fall in the concentration level of nitrogen dioxide in Italy and China it has been clear. And the fact is that several factories closed and the streets turned out to be empty due to the measurements of containment adopted in every country. This effect was giving itself cash as it was fulfilled quarantine at home and fall in the production or closing industry. Motorized vehicles and the emission of carbon that the factories dismiss in large numbers, practically disappeared.



This means, that our planet is“breathing”again and it will help to to diminish the contamination load that so much it is affecting to climate change that we have come experimenting on last years.


It is a footpath of light that is opened and is encouraging for toma of conscience worldwide and, consequently, leaves us as a teaching to value our environment and our health. Without it we will only have discomforts, it takes us away from those we love the most, we cannot work or enjoy our nature.



We had so many privileges ... our freedom, enjoying nature ... However, these activities as banal or simple we cannot do and it hurts, but we must row pa´lante and not let us overcome. We are doing our planet good. Look through the closest window you have ... do you hear the sound of tranquility? Nature is breathing fresh air again in many years.


How many of you would like to be outside the house and breathe the fresh air that we are giving ourselves?


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