Sustainable packings for your toothbrushes echo. Sure!

We know that sometimes it is difficult to be dependent on what elements we use in our hearths and that, for a custom topic, already we have adapted ourselves to use objects of “plastic” in our everyday lives. As Program of the United Nations, every year, we reject approximately 8 million tons plastic residues to the oceans, putting in danger the marine animal life and entering to the human food chain.



It is very oppressive to think about all this plastic mass that we are generating. That's why, the best thing that we can do is to be giving small steps to generate big changes.


If you are already one #brushbooer and you use your products of personal hygiene of bamboo as toothbrushes or dental floss, congratulations! But: have you started thinking where you keep or place these themselves in the bath? Normally we have done it in glasses of plastic that we can buy in any shop retail, since for its facility of use, manufacture in mass and economic price.


Here we propose to you a list of different packings, equal of economic, sustainable and you can obtain many of them at home!

Glass packings

Re-use! At home it is very easy to find boats that contain vegetables, creams, sauces, jams, conserve, etc. Instead of throwing them to the garbage, wash them. You can use them as packings for what you need. It is perfect to keep there brushes.



Tetrabrik packings

OK. Here it is where we will do a high place because it is a process more difficult to conceive, but not impossible. In this case there exist artists and engineers worried by the environmental impact generated by the excess of contamination of plastic. Companies exist as Tetratrik that there thinks about how to start constantly 3 R's (to Reduce, to re-use and to recycle). They use the whole tetrabrik that we generate and by means of upcycling (to create a new product from garbage and to transform it with an added value) they transform the material into the only and wonderful pieces. Recycling is a very important option not to keep on encouraging the culture of “using and “to pull”. If you want to know the making process throw an eye to this one



Bamboo wooden packings

Another good super option is bamboo. It is important to encourage its use for the production of elements that we use day by day, from dental brushes up to structures for the real estate construction, since its use has a positive impact for the environment. So you do not discard the use of this wood in your bath. It gives a lot of esthetic harmony and you contribute with the planet.



Wicker packings


In this case, it is multiuses, as to keep the bread, fruits, vegetables, towels and dental brushes and other products of hygiene and personal beauty. These take place of handmade form and there are many associations of women and men who weave these baskets of a natural way. Excellent option for the care of the environment!



Marble packings


It is necessary to be sure that the marble comes from a natural stone and its extraction is done by means of much more respectful skills with the environment. Also, every piece is only.



Many more sustainable options exist to use in our daily life, like packings of coconut, of banana plantation sheets, etc. The important thing is that we know that they are to our scope and that we can stop plastic behind little by little.

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