Together against the Covid19: Heroes also wear visors

Solidarity: Brushboo begins donation of PLA visors for sanitary


Since 2017, when Brushboo was born, our idea and guideline was clear: Reducing the use of single-use plastics by helping the planet and fostering responsible consumption. In our process of prototyping products before sending to production we ensure that the design of our product is the best so that when it reaches your hands the touch and usability are perfect. That's why we started working with the help of our 3D printer. Witbox to physically create our prototypes, redesign them, modify them, and test them before launching production.
Within the moment that is touching us to live for the last month, we could only continue to help as much as possible. This time, we wanted to take advantage of our material and take advantage of the 3D printing technology we handled. We got to work and started to make protective visors for health centres.

Bearing our granite of sand

We've been carrying some for now. 50 visors made of PLA and acetate we have donated to a madrileño hospital. In this way, we provide an extra protection measure to health workers, who are the most exposed today to health workers. Covid19 and they're the ones that need the most reinforcements in terms of their protection. These visors are being used as an additional means of protection to protect them from contagion.
We continue to print more visors, contribute and lend a hand where possible!
On the other hand, we are collaborating with our factories and suppliers in Asia in order to accelerate the supply of EPI material for hospitals and other centres. All help is little.  

3D Printing: A useful tool with wide range

The 3D printing is a tool that allows us to move from idea to reality within minutes. When we are developing a new product our design team gets to work and at the same time we have in physical format the first piece of what will then be our brush, tooth jar or thermal bottle. First we think about the product, go on to design it on the computer, print it and test it.
To produce the prototypes of Brushboo products, we choose to do so with the PLAHave you heard of him? Well, the PLA is Polylactic acid. It is a plastic type material that is biodegradable and comes from corn or potato remnants. In fact, when printing with the PLA smells like the whole office candy. :-)

Solidarity is our weapon against the pandemic

It should be stressed that we are in the midst of a health crisis that affects us globally. Our everyday routine has been paralyzed and affected. But it is our duty to help in what we can. We saw the opportunity to support health workers. At the same time, we continue to work for you, giving you the echo alternative that our environment needs and, in this way, we continue to work for our partners under the prevention and protection measures required by the government and WHO.

It's hard times, but we're hoping we'll get out of this!


A special thanks to these heroes.

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