To recycle: Giving him the second life to the house objects

In this planet there are two types of persons: Those who accumulate things in its houses and they do not know what to do with them (The first T-shirt that you bought to your son when he was born or if you still keep the ticket of the concert of your favorite band and they already spent more than 6 months, you are one of them); and those who throw immediately the "useless thing" to the garbage (here you generate more waste of that one could recycle) then this article it is for you.



We will give you a few very practical advices that will serve to you to be more selective as for the garbage and be able to transform “garbage” into something more useful.
Here we leave to you our guide of recycling and recycling of "useless" objects

Old jeans



You want to throw them to the garbage because, let's accept it, you went on already to a bigger size or more small or simply because they are faded or spent fashionably. The first thing that we recommend to you is that the gifts to the charity, there are always persons in the state of need who will be very grateful with the opportunity. If they are very battered you can turn them into marvels for the hearth or of personal use:


Hanging clothes racks: you can place your useful ones of office or do-it-yourself hardware.



Decorative cushions: if yours the interior decoration is, you will love this.



Table carpets: Ideal and resistant for any spot. If you have a wooden table combine to the perfection.



It carries mobiles: Is not it annoying to have to leave your mobile in the soil while we set it to load to another side of the room? Since here a solution.



Here we leave one to you video with more ideas to give him the second life to your jeans.


Bottles and crystal bottles


We have left accumulated in the kitchen generally and there are the packings that we have left of the sauces, vegetables, fried tomato, between others. You will see that, after washing them, you will be able to separate a fair amount to give them the second life. These are a few ideas:
Ideal to do sails: if you are a handmade sails manufacturer, since to put inside packings recycling crystal recyclings: you will love!
Source: Happy Mothering


To pack home-made dental pasta: In a good receptacle to preserve it. Here one recipe to do your own pasta echo.

Source:Minievil Domesticy


Grains of rice, seeds or vegetable stews: Basically, any type of grains of cereals that occurs to you.

Perfect for jams or jellies

Reusable water bottles: Better than the plastic! The cold or warm water preserves the crystal very well and he knows better.

Role in general


If you maintain ancient sheets of paper with obsolete information you can use the face of behind for writing ideas, messages and notes. Also you can recycle it in four very easy steps:


  1. Sliced felling the periodic role that you have at home and dip it in a receptacle with water.
  2. In a mixer you put the miscellany and begin to crush up to obtaining a homogeneous pasta.
  3. In a salver, you place a wooden frame in the shape of rectangle size A4 and throw a thin layer of the miscellany. To cover with a cloth and to press with a sponge of uniform form.
  4. To allow to dry the new sheet of paper on another cloth piece. To hope a few hours that it should dry off and: I list! You can already write on him.

If you it do not see simply prickle here to see a video.

Old shoes



If there are shoes (booties, sneakers) that you can still rescue, to part of donating them, you can use them as flowerpots or it carries pencils. Certainly, first it is necessary to give them a wash-down and they remain already ready.


Brushes, bottles, bags and other objects of plastic



It is better to avoid them and to look for more ecological alternatives as bamboo brushes, bamboo bottles or crystal or bags of cloth. But we know that it is almost impossible from its boom for the years 60's. The best thing is to throw the plastic garbage in the yellow container when they already do not have opportunity of another use. But but, we bring to you some ideas:


Dental brush: As previous article that we have recommended in our blog. When you already use them to us for to brush your teeth, previously, you can disinfect them with water and lye and then use them to clean the surfaces most difficult to come from the baths.

Bottles: You can rinse them after its original use and use them to fill them with other substances of domestic use, as of cleanliness.
Stock Exchanges: If you obtained bags of plastic piece of news in the supermarket, reutilízalas in your next buy. Also, you can cut them and put the pieces in bottles of plastic that are used usually then as plastic bricks.


Since you will see there are many ways of recycling or of re-using many materials or ancient objects or that we already do not use at home. The only thing that we have to do is to allow to demolish the imagination and change our culture of using and pulling for three R's: To reduce, to re-use and to re-use.



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