Reuse: 5 fantastic ideas not to throw out plastic bottles and bring to the environment

Photo: Oleg Magni
Almost every day we consume drinks and food that come packaged in plastic bottles, therefore, it is hundreds of these containers that we throw at the Garbage during our lives. Because of the climate change and to globalization, a great movement has emerged for the conservation of our planet Earth, and a task in favor of this initiative is to reduce garbage and recycle or reuse the objects that we usually throw away.
For Reuse The plastic bottles and to reduce the tons of garbage that occur a year, we bring you 5 fantastic ideas easy to carry out to encourage you to Recycle Right now.


­čî┐ Cat-shaped pots

You must cut the Bottle walking its circumference at a minimum height of 3-4 centimeters from the base, leaving two peaks close to 3 centimeters from each other, causing them to allude to the ears of a cat. Afterwards, you paint it all white or beige and draw with black paint the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and whiskers of the cat. Finally, you open two small holes at the top of the sides and tie a thin rope to hang it, ready! They look this good:



­čî┐Irrigation system

This idea is to make small holes along and wide the plastic bottle, then it must be inserted by its nozzle, a hose connected to the water supply pipe, and seal this area with adhesive tape. Open the water supply and ready, you will have an easy, comfortable and economical water irrigation system.




To create a broom plastic bottles, you should cut the base of 4 bottles, which are of similar size and shape. Then you must insert a wooden stick into the nozzle and nail a nail to hold them. Finally you must cut the bottles into thin strips, and you will be able to sweep effectively.




To realize this idea we will also reuse cd's or covers as a base. The bottle of Plastic should be cut in half, horizontally. You can use the top with the lid on and in this part you must place glue to attach it to the center of the cd. Then you can paint it the color you want. You can use it to serve drinks or as containers. Double function!


All these ideas serve to give new use to plastic bottles, and consecutively, we are decreasing the amount of garbage, just as we save money.


Photo: Oleg Magni

Because you shouldn't buy items you can make with your own hands and a couple of old bottles! ­čśë┬á

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