Can you imagine that we all live in houses made of green bricks?

If these different echo technologies start to be used in all future buildings, our earth will be greatly changed and help solve environmental problems.

Many inventions are being developed. "green"Help our planet in construction. Therefore, different ecological bricks have been produced. Each brick has different components and characteristics, but the purpose is the same.

Let's start with carbon dioxide absorbing bricks designed in Japan, which are based on sand, mainly silicon in a special mold, where carbon dioxide is injected, and then another component of the compression material is added. It is a very strong, easy to manufacture material and a major alternative to traditional bricks made from concrete.



The function of these special green bricks is that they are small deposits of this gas, which is so destructive If this material is used, it will be reduced C02 In our environment, it's just a help, not a solution.

We can also find recycled plastic bricks made in Colombia. The company has made a significant commitment to society and the environment because the raw material of the product is plastic stored in the country's landfills.

It's a 30% It is much more cost-effective than commonly used materials, so people with low purchasing power are more affordable. The end result is a high-quality house that can be built by anyone in a few days, because their system is a component match. These are made from molten plastic mixtures and other additives to improve their quality and durability.



These great advances are an important alternative to brick, which is usually based on concrete.  The manufacturing of such materials consumes a lot of energy, and according to public research, about 40% of the C02 produced by the construction industry is the culprit.

If you don't know, this harmful gas is the main cause of climate change, plus methane and nitrous oxide. With the increase of CO2 emissions on the earth, the temperature rises to the extent that it may have devastating consequences; the earth's balance is unbalanced. To give just a few examples of these serious consequences: extinction of some species, flooding, coral bleaching, drought, etc.



Therefore, other countries, with the support of their respective governments, should take this kind of friendly environmental construction as an example in order to protect our planet.

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