Your appointment green ideal: Ideas echo for sorpender to you date

This blog is destined for all tórtolos that dream, desperately, to go out again to the streets with its couples freely, any time, the social life returns completely to its normality and we are completely safe.

The health is the first thing.

Let's hope that it should be prompt...


Big expectations. Nerves. Butterflies in the stomach. Is it what you feel minutes before going to an appointment? Insurance that yes. But that the emotion does not impede you. We help you to plan with some tips one he quotes green. These are the proposals that we bring to you: what are your darlings?

Picnic outdoors

Insurance you are provided with some park close. Before going out of house, it puts in a rucksack a wide blanket, a pair of plates, silverware, 2 glasses and one bottle with some refreshing drink (it can be a cold water, lemon soda, orange juice and, if they cheer up, a good ecological wine. And to peck some fresh fruits that are easy to consume, a fresh bread that you can accompany on humus or what better is convenient for the moment. There are many parks to enjoy the nature. In Madrid, you will be able to find of the most emblematic like the Park of the Retirement or the Gardens of the Temple of Debod. If you are in another city, as in Barcelona, one of the parks more appellants is The Citadel or The Gardens of the Grec. They are perfect for the occasion.



It is important, to give him one "mood" more intimate and lively, use comfortable clothes and move forward another person where they will go so that it is prepared. Very important!

To be surrounded with pure nature will create a relaxing and unforgettable ambience.

I walk in bike



If you are a more adventurous person and you like exploring, this option is perfect. Propose to him to you date one city tour on wheels. The conference are different and it is very exciting. Are not you provided with bikes? You can rent a pair! There are several points of the city where you obtain insurance and pay per hour.

You can arm a route guay for Country-house or Madrid Rio (in Madrid) or for the famous rails network bike in the Barceloneta (Barcelona).

It is an economic plan and much healthy. It is better if a route is planned not to get lost of the best conference with solar light.



Green has dinner


Surprise your couple leading her to having dinner! For the lovers of the culinary art. There are several alternatives veganas to maintain our happy and satisfied stomachs.



It chooses a restaurant to which it is not difficult to come for both, of delightful recipes and comfortably to be able to chat and have dinner. This way you will feed healthily and you are contributing with your environment. Some that we recommend so that you have it in your radar vegano it is Levél Veggie Bistro. If you are lover of the Italian meal, Pizzi & Dixie, that does not use food of animal origin.


The big consumption of cattle products is the biggest source of contamination of the water.


As he says the saying: To full belly, satisfied heart.

Details with ecolove



If you want to surprise your couple with some detail to give, that is more ecofriendly and better still if it is of origin vegano. You can do a more made aware buy. Namely that is a product that you know or know by intuition that another person needs. For example, if it has had a bad day, you can give flowers that help to raise the fortitude to anyone. Another idea, it is to give ours Eco-Packs facts with love. Inside you will find products for the care and personal hygiene veganos, 100 % biodegradable and they are done of natural bamboo. There are a success! If you date she is a fanatic of the leather care, something more that you can offer him there are products of facial care, as serums anti-aging or masks purificadoras of the mark Affya that uses organic and natural inputs, packaging of recycled elements and promotes to re-use its products. An excellent option!



One more detail. If you want to wrap this regalito surprise, which is with periodic role that you have at home, which you do not use already and are on the point of rejecting. This way you re-use the objects at home and you do not generate any more garbage.


If this article you has been very useful, you can share it with your friends or even with your couple to say to him "by implication" how you would like that you were surprising.

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