Essential oils: what are its benefits?

Essential oils in ancient times

Legend has it that Cleopatra conquered Marco Antonio with essential rose oils. And it is that these aromatic substances that were used in cosmetics and medicine have their origin in the Egyptian and Chinese culture. In addition, of course, they were used to embalm the dead and for spiritual purposes.



Later, its use and knowledge in medicine was inherited by other civilizations, such as the Greek. In fact, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, recommended massages with essential oils and in his writings he recorded the properties of various medicinal plants.

Moving later to the Roman and Arab culture, the technique of distilling medicinal plants was improved, the results of which were these oils.


Nowadays, most of the essential oils are obtained through distillation and cold pressure, in this way it is possible to obtain a liquid that represents the pure essence of the plant and allows us to enjoy all its properties.



The magic of its properties


The benefits are multiple, since the distillation or extraction process manages to maintain the specific and unique properties of the plant from which it is obtained. For the creation of each type of essential oil, as much of the required material or plant is needed.


Thanks to its properties, essential oils are attributed a multitude of benefits. And also, the process is natural, since a pure oily liquid is obtained. Here we indicate the ones that seem most important or popular among the different aromas according to the plant.



Types of oils

For dry, irritated or tired skin, the essential oils of lavender and carrot They are the best.



He cypress It is a great regulator of the nervous system. It calms anxiety, sadness and regulates self-esteem.



To treat the picture of stress, depression and even menopause that of rose is the most suitable. You can use it to take a bath in the tub and enjoy its properties.

As a relaxant for body and mind and to improve sleep, the lavender.



Oil jasmine It is used as an aphrodisiac and stimulates the seductive qualities, releasing and stimulating sexual energy between couples. In addition, its relaxing properties accompany very well in a yoga session.


How should I use them?

There are many ways. The first thing is that if you are going to apply them, it is better to do it in a quiet place, without noise and taking the necessary time. The proper and relaxed atmosphere is a great setting to enjoy its wonderful properties.



Inhalation / aromatherapy: You can add a few drops in hot water to inhale the steam. Do it carefully and take your time to breathe easy.


Topical route: Some oils can be used directly by applying to the skin by using a compress. There are others more concentrated that must be diluted in carrier oils.

Another way is to add a few drops in bath water. They are also used for massages. Hydrates, rejuvenates the skin and can even prevent hair loss.



Ingested: Some, like jasmine, can be used in baking and cooking as a food additive. But you have to be very careful to ingest them, so it is best to always consult with a specialist or doctor beforehand.


If you have reached the end of this article and feel more relaxed just having read and imagined the aromas, we advise you to try it one night, after a long day. Get the essential oil that is suitable to alleviate the discomfort you are going through and try it.



Nature offers so much well-being in us that we should not waste its use and the properties it provides for our personal care and hygiene.

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