How to recycle your bamboo brush? Three simple steps!

Congratulations, #brushbooer! If you are reading this article, it is because you are interested in caring for the environment and you have taken a great step to lead a more sustainable life by wearing a healthy smile while taking care of the planet.



Has it been more than 3 months since the last time you bought your last bamboo brush? How to dispose of it? We will tell you.
As we know, the handle is made of moso bamboowhich is a material 100% biodegradable, however, the bristles are composed of nylon 6, the plastic with the highest degree of degradation on the market and recommended by oral health specialists. Therefore, both the mango and the bristles go in separate containers.



STEP 1: Remove the bristles from the handle
First, you must separate the bristles with a tweezers and deposit them in the yellow container for plastic waste.


STEP 2: Discard the bamboo handle

We want to make sure that 100% biodegradable bamboo mango becomes a compostable element for our environment. Let's make sure we dispose of it properly in the brown container, where the organic waste is deposited. You can also throw it (before breaking it into small pieces) in the garden closest to your home.

STEP 3: Other alternatives

To avoid throwing away your bamboo brush: Reuse and give the mango a second life!



When it comes to cleaning our houses, there are always complicated places, where the best ally is to use a toothbrush; And if you are on the eco wave, you can prepare your own natural cleaning product.


There are endless natural recipes with simple ingredients. Next, I leave you a couple of easy preparations to make your own disinfectant sustainable vinegar-based:

Remember that once it fulfills its other functions and you have to discard it, carry out the previous steps.  



Another alternative is that once the bristles have been removed, you can identify your plants or herbs with the bamboo handle. A very cool idea for your garden sustainable.



You can create your own natural fertilizer with the organic waste from your home, entering here the handle of your bamboo.

An option that helps reduce garbage from landfills and helps your plants grow.


Fortunately, there are people and companies that care about the environment. Endless solutions have been created echo friendly alternates to plastic and one of the best examples of this is the creation of the toothbrush made of bamboo.


Invention wonder biodegradable that we will use for the rest of our lives. If each person adopts this sustainable cleaning habit for their planet, it will prevent 320 plastic brushes from ending up in the sea contaminating it.

Little facts, big changes.

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