There is a plastic island in the Pacific


Have you ever thought what about all those marine litter? Unfortunately here we bring you the answer.

The british island Henderson or, better known as the most polluted island on the planet Land, it is the clearest and saddest example of human actions.
It is a territory that is practically in the middle of nowhere, it is only inhabited by the fauna and flora that struggles day by day to survive and having Chile as its closest country to approximately 5,000 km. A little bit far right?
With an area of ​​37.3 km2 it houses up to 18 tons of garbage, the majority being buried in the sand according to studies. So you wouldn't be surprised if you see a crab wearing a plastic cap instead of a shell.



This landfill is mostly made up of objects disposable plastics, being able to find around 3700 different types of waste. On the island they abound from bottles, lids, rubble and even toothbrushes.
And it is that we can avoid all this waste by reusing cloth or paper bags, recycling glass bottles and using them as containers, in addition, there are other alternatives to various utensils for daily use, such as, bamboo brushes or straws made of the same material that have as property its biodegradability.

How did you become the world garbage dump?

Very simply, we ourselves are guilty of turning nature into a toxic environment for the few species that still prevail in that place. In addition, its geographical location is a great influencer too, since it is very close to the currents of the Pacific Ocean, causing the drag of garbage from around the world to the island.
The island Henderson belongs to the territory made up of several Islands called Pitcairn.


No one here is saved

Garbage was originally shown to come from the Americas, especially South America, but studies concluded that EVERYTHING the world was guilty, as they found objects like bottles from the European continent as well.

We must take measures to the problem of garbage
A person from a developed country uses approximately 100 kg of plastic annually, imagine the exorbitant amount of garbage that is produced annually worldwide.That is why the countries are establishing laws regarding plastic waste, since there are no strict regulations in this regard.
The amount of plastic contraband in containers is abysmal, with developed countries being the main exporters and they need to get rid of it, sending it to developing countries, either to sell it or simply as a garbage dump, with China and Africa being the most affected .
It is for this reason that the international community establishes the Basel, which seeks to regulate and solve these serious shortcomings, helping the environment to reduce plastic.

Young activists raise their voices


The world is waking up and knows that we have to face a serious pollution problem.More and more people are aware of the change we must make. A great example is the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (ig: gretathunberg) who, at an early age, represents a great source of inspiration, helping to defend Earth from climate change.
"Every great change in history has come from the people."

Get mobilized and take action! Your planet and the future depends on you.

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