Detox weekend: Why is a weekend good without technology and in nature?

Have you ever heard of digital stress? It is a “new” term that was born in the 21st century due to the increased use of digital devices, such as computers, gadgets, and mobiles. It is the increase in stress levels caused by the media, mobile devices and social networks. In addition, the need that causes us to be connected at all times, availability 24/7 and this leads us to the compulsion of the need to answer all kinds of notifications (whether in networks, work or personal emails, instant messaging, etc. ) immediately. In other words, a continuous demand to be present virtually. Identified?



Consequently, this phenomenon is affecting us in terms of physical and mental health. It is not a joke. Here are some effects. We help you identify them.

On a physical level, there is the "Text neck". It is the misalignment of one or more vertebrae or abnormal postures for looking down (mobile posture) for a long time. He carpal tunnel syndrome It is another disease that affects the tendons due to the abnormal posture of holding the phone. Other bad postures are also derived at the body level.



On a mental level, it is coming to affect us in an increase in the level of stress, anxiety about not carrying your mobile, which leads to "Fomo" (in Spanish it would be fear of missing something), sleep disturbances, addiction (studies show that it causes a high dose of dopamine), headaches and even depression.



According to OCU studies, 8 out of 10 Spaniards have an addiction to technology. In short, we spend between 2, 5 and 4 hours a day caught on mobile. This results in that we have less and less social and physical contact with our loved ones, which can often affect our interpersonal relationships. If you want to know more, here We leave you an orientation test (not psychological) about mobile addictions.



Sounds stressful, right? But don't be overwhelmed. If you have felt that this article describes you in many aspects, here is a solution that you can adopt as a healthy habit on your agenda. If you want to do it with more people or only you are fine. We encourage you to try it!

Country getaway

It is important that you reconnect with nature and take a digital break. Go to a large lake or park, far from the city and have a picnic. Take some food for snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, 1 sandwich of the one you like and 1 bottle with a drink to hydrate yourself.



And the mobile? Well, you only use it for something indispensable. But in this case, we advise you to take it with you but put it in airplane mode. In this way you will stay disconnected from the digital world. You can spend hours in the field. The important thing is that you take fresh and clean air, enjoy the smells of the vegetation, enjoy a healthy meal in a healthy environment. If you already get more creative, you could even do some push-ups, read a book or write with a pen on a sheet of paper ideas about a project you want to undertake.

A weekend at the beach

Take advantage of the good temperature! If possible, plan a weekend out of town and find the closest beach to you. Bring a pair of swimsuits, stay in a modest house and try not to have a TV. After breakfast, you grab a swimsuit, a towel, an umbrella, a bottle of water, some snacks and sunscreen. You are ready to go straight to the beach. Stand a few meters from the seashore and calmly enjoy the vitamin D that gives you a sunny day, the fresh sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the sensation of sand on your feet. Bathe with caution whenever you feel like it.


Go home and take a warm shower. You will see what I relax at the end of the day. You won't even have time to check your mobile. If you take it with you you put it in airplane mode or, better yet, you leave it at home.

Give yourself a few hours in the park

If you cannot leave the city or town, well, there are many parks! Locate the one closest to your home. You can bring a blanket, drink, food and enjoy a few hours of sun and light wind. Mobile prohibited. Put all your willpower. Disconnect. You can arrange a few hours for yourself and nature. It is the ideal refuge to hear your thoughts, reflect and helps develop your creativity.



These tips will help reduce the burden of digital stress and disconnect from the mobile to find yourself and the nature.

Are you preparing your getaway?

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