The echo gift you gave the guest on your wedding day

The wedding is a wonderful event that we attend to accompany our loved ones and celebrate with them in many ways. But it also requires a lot of spending and waste.



For those donors who are sensitive to environmental issues, they have taken action. reduce The use of plastic products, excessive carbon dioxide emissions, and consumption Irresponsible products, they are looking for greener alternatives to offer to guests without losing the joy of celebration, thus designing their dream wedding.

Some green ideas for your echo wedding


ReuseBe careful not to choose plates, porcelain or disposable cups, but to use stainless steel, bamboo, glass or porcelain.

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Zero wasteSpanish: Zero Waste It establishes a logistics plan under which contractual services and purchased products are recyclable or recyclable.


Green fashion Bridegroom or bride can wear rented clothes, or find a designer to make clothes for them. These clothes are made of recycled plastic materials, such as bottles, cups and even hooks. This is the case when a bride weaves her own clothes in five months.

Guest gift

Let the imagination fly. Today, there are so many ways to share details and give gifts without causing more waste or pollution. We'll give you some clues If you're going to get married soon, you'd better make a list:

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You can be very creative and provide a detail that no one else has Bamboo toothbrush, bamboo toothbrush It was engraved with the groom's name and the date of the wedding At this point, use a small piece of paper written on recycled paper: "Start your day taking care of you and the planet... With this ecofreindly bamboo." Your guests will never forget this because they have two messages: promote their health and protect the planet.

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Let's save the earth together!

Replace the gift with a small jar to let guests know that the gift they are going to get will be the hope of their planet Let's share our consciousness in a special way.



In a recycled pamphlet, you can report what you're going to give thanks for the wedding, and you've donated it to an NGO or group dedicated to protecting the planet. You can choose There are many options for putting your little sand There are some groups engaged in the following activities: Reforestation of Arid Areas-Support the monitoring group to avoid Deforestation in the Amazon-Organizations to help ensure the implementation of the Convention Ocean cleaningAmong other things.

Comments more than a month ago Make up for your carbon footprint It's a good message to raise awareness and love others. What a cool gift!


Sowing life



Another good idea is to give away a recycled paper bag containing bamboo, sunflowers, Viola or other plants that are easy to grow at home. The bag can have handwritten notes with the groom's name and date of marriage.

Repeatable decoration



Yes Wedding Planners Provide more environmentally friendly services. You can give the paper glass inside to the guests The selected Confucius comes from the petals and plants used in previous weddings. They are dried and preserved, and a vegetarian label is placed on the mouth of the jar. You can write a thank-you note, the name of the groom and the date of the wedding.


There is no shortage of ideas. There are many ways to celebrate a very special moment, full of happiness, but without excessive waste.


The echo of your dream wedding is in your hands Help us raise awareness of others and think more about how we affect our planet. We can be together!

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