Do you know what to do with your electronic trash?


There are many people who do not know the term electronic rubbishand the great impact it generates on our planet. Sure you'll wonder what kind of trash fits into that classification and then, What do we do with it?

Here we will tell you the basic knowledge that you should know as we all have this kind of waste in our homes.

Electronic rubbish refers to the waste of technological devices and electrical appliances or known to their RAEE (Waste of electrical appliances and electronics).

Technology advances and garbage growth too! Approximately the world generates an alarming figure of about 40 million tonnes Spain is within one of the main European countries responsible for this misfortune, since every general inhabitant at least 20 kilos year.



For you to have an idea, it is considered electronic trash the technological devices such as: mobile, computers, televisions, electronic games, etc.; appliances: so many small equipment as beater, toaster etc., as well as large equipment such as washing machines, dishwasher, kitchen, etc.; fluorescent, led and high intensity lamps; and things as simple as calculators, scales, etc. Now with this "list" you will be able to know how to sort your trash.

In Spain there are non-profit organizations called Collective System of Extended Responsibility to the Produceror for their initials SCRAP, integrated by the same manufacturers and importers of the equipment that produces this type of garbage. They are in charge of complying with the European regulations on the proper treatment of equipment. But this does not mean that all electronic waste is recycled, as it is reported that only 20% is recycled.


Where does the rest of the electronic trash go?

As there is no education or campaigns regarding the issue, it is sad that most people do not know what to do when they want to get rid of this garbage, so they commonly throw it outside in the street waiting for them to be taken, left behind or "donate". Less so, they tell us that within the price we pay for a team, it's included their recycling process.

 Additional, since there are no government policies in most countries, these wastes end up in landfills or many are exported to developing countries, which in the end, will not receive any appropriate treatment for their recycling, being very harmful to the environment.


On the other hand, there are establishments that make you a discount when buying a new equipment if you supply the old one, encouraging people to both the conscious purchase, for example the Apple store.

Below we leave the link with all the collection points for this type of garbage for when you want to get rid of it:

Companies must take more responsibility and help in this area because there are times when the repair of the equipment comes out more expensive than to acquire a new one, therefore a new one is acquired and the other of garbage is left. It is also important for people to become aware and not to be driven by trends, for example, to have the latest mobile model when the current one still serves you.

In this way and with small steps, we will be able to take new habits and give the example, in order to help our planet and avoid diseases due to this type of contamination since it shows toxic elements for health.

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